Thursday, April 19, 2007


I know i havent written on here for a while, its about time i brought it back to life. I've been quite the busy been science my last few entrys.

Not really the best of times to be starting this up again, the only thing i actually feel like writing is how sorry i feel for myself. I feel like time has stopped around me, theres nothing worth looking forward to anymore and each day seems to last for so long. I'm not even enjoying the weather outside, which has been strangely sunny and lovely for the past few weeks.

I'm lost in my own little world, and i don't have feelings towards anything anymore, its as though i've lost enthusiasm to get excited over things. Nothing is funny anymore. I feel like i'm broken. I just need someone to put me back together again. :(

Everything around me is a constant reminder, it won't stop and all i want to do is forget so much, but i can't.