Wednesday, May 02, 2007


I thought its about time I came back to writing this blog of mine. Nothing yet has inspired me to write it such description as i was once able. However i can try to create some kind of ramblings.
Here I go..

I like the way the Sun sets these days, every night this week i have watched it slowly dissapearing behind the trees and down the hills back. I think i like the way that when it just gets past the second tree and is slowly moving down the third trees branches, it spreads a hazy light to the left of the field. It looks pretty, makes all the trees have a yellowy glow. :) It reminds me of something, but i can't quite put my finger on it. It makes me feel happier though. I like remebering things i have seen when its been like this. I away i love it, and in a way i hate it.

I also like the moon, I am deeply in love with the moon. Its so mysterious, and it has a gentle silver glow that makes everthing look pretty. I like the way that if you sometimes look at it, you can see patterns forming on the surface of it. I think the moon is male. The sun and the moon are such opposites, and yet they are both two beautiful things. So it doesn't really make sense. I guess you could say its similar to Love. When two people are complete opposites, they can still have something beautiful about them. So opposites are not really oposites. Thats a nice thought :) I think the sun over powers the moon, she is so beautiful that she glows so bright, but when she sees the moon, she fades out and lets him take over...


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