Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Also know as Fanta.. a refreshing drink that can quench thirst. It is also available in many flavours including lemon, fruit twist and apple. What is fruit twist? Is this a flavour that no one infomed me about. Do you think maybe they put fruit in a pile and twisted it? Or maybe they made the fruits play twister? nevermind. Back to fanta, isnt it amazing. I must say they did a good job of the advert too. I was very true that the fanta light tasted nasty and 'water like'. But fanta have learnt from thier mistakes and made there 'light' version better. Or they have labelled normal fanta as 'fanta z' to trick people into thinking there is a lightness to the drink.

So i was reading the writing on the back of the can, and anyone who has just opened the can and read the part where is says ' best before end-see base of can for date' will start to wonder... 'i wonder what date mine goes off' *tips can upside down* and emptys the entire contents on to there shoe. What if the shoe is new?? can they sue the fanta company for bad labelling, with no warning?? hmmm....

Another fault i noticed about the fanta packaging what that it says 'taste best ICE cold'. Ok i bet there is bound to be someone out there willing to place there fanta can in the freezer, wait until its 'ice cold' and then get it out to find that they cant actually open the can because of the ice. :) oh the joys of fanta.

I think they make up the flavours.. i mean has anyone actually heard of Sodium saccharin, aspartame?? (well apart from you clever chemisty people) i have not. What the hell are we drinking??? Anyway i think that just about sums up my curiosity of FANTA. woo

Smooooogles x


Blogger Carrie said...

HI Betty, I'm Mitz from Exile's blog....nice blog here, btw, my good friend LOVES's her ultimate fav drink, on the notion of a pic of exile....well....i can't send you one, but it you click on my FLIKR thingy on the side of my blog, you will be taken into my flckr pics.....he's in one of the pics with me....with any luck, you'll find him. he's a very very sweet young man. cheers dear. ;)

7:08 AM  
Blogger exile said...

et tu' mitzee?

hehehe, don't worry betty i'll post a slew of pics soon.

and yes, i've done similar to the can date shoe thing. don't feel all alone.

glad to see you're blogging again, just sorry you could only think of fanta (hehehe). maybe you and i should play a bit of blog Q&A. (you e-amil me a question, i e-mail you, then we both have to blog the answer, no matter the question.)

are you game? if so e-mail me.

10:37 AM  
Blogger exile said...

i e-mailed you, so i hope to see a new post soon..

speaking of posts, seeing as though i posted pics on my blog i think it's only fair you do so on your.

i've shown you mine, now show me yours.

1:36 PM  
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