Thursday, July 21, 2005

What i would do...

Okies, i have just been to see War of the worlds... again. hehe. I do like the film so i thought why not. Anyway imagine if that happened in real life, i mean anything is possible. So after thinking this thought about the film i started to plan out what i would do and then i thought to myself, 'what the hell am i thinking??' But then i thought no wait it seriously could happen.. so i carried on.
This is my plan, RIGHT i have an old air raid shelter in my garden so my first thought is lets prepare for the whole war of the worlds thing by emptying the wood that is lodged down there and keep a secret supply of food, water and clothing and sheets and stuff. I think this will all have to be packed neatly into a water proof box that is air tight. NO BUGS ALLOWED. Then simply wait until it all occours. At the first sight of the storm i shall run down into there then i think i will be safe for a while. If all else fails then i can begin to dig further down into the shelter... or maybe i should do that as preperation, hmmm. Oh yes i forgot to mention i will take a big mirror down with me as well incase they try to get me with the giant eye. Ok sounds like a good plan to me. They wont even think about looking there because its hiding amoungst a hill and trees. Or if all else fails just run towards the machines, then either get vapourised or be one step smater than them and climb upon board. They wont even take a chance at shooting themselves. Good plan Becky.

Smogglemounchies ♥

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Good lord! time for an update methinks...

Hello there, Firstly i will start off by apologising to my blog... You poor thing i have been such a bad mother to you (hugs better) i understand if you hate me but i have just been a bit busy. I am so sorry blog. Please forgive me. Anyway moving swiftly on, before someone realises that i dont seem to be as normal as the population, but hey whats normal anyway? I think i feel a long blog coming on, i hope your all in the mood for a bit of structure... muwhahaha.

I have managed to Undertake 4 exams to complete my final year of college, wait

I have also
Taken two Driving tests,
both of which i have failed, thankyou
Mr. Examiner for being such a meanie, whats
that you ask, What did i fail on? on ONE stupid thing
Apparently i was driving to slow down a narrow country lane
with cars passing and i was doing 30 mph when you are suposed to go
60mph, because that makes soo much more sense to go really fast down a winding
country lane, but on a straight run only go at 30mph, tsk tsk what were you thinking Becky??
BUT nvm. Also i have been doing alot of working at the wonderful greggs bakery... wooo! and that my friends is about it apart from visiting my friends as much as i can and visiting Marky. PHEW.

Yesterday i went to play racket ball with my cousins and my brother. It was fun. I'm sorry what was that you said? 'what is Racket ball?' Well its a lot like squash, in fact it practically is but the rackets are bigger and so is the ball. So i think those varibles deserve to contribute to a new name. Anyway it was fun, i remebered how to play and managed to beat my cousins. Unfortuanly didnt manage to beat my brother, his technique is to hit the ball as hard as he can so when it hits you it manages to leave a dent.. cool. Oh and then i made a fool of myself, just as we were leaving the center i was looking at the chairs in the reception area through the window that i managed to walk into a glass door of the courts. Erm... not such a good feeling best to avoid doing that if you can. hehe. oh and to make matters worse i was being watched by not only my brother and cousins but also the receptionist and the yoga group that had just broke up there weekly meeting. great.

I started playing SIMs 2 again the other day, But i got annoyed because it wouldnt let me build my own houses, which has now resulted me into giving up playing with it. However i did manage to make my own sims version of me and my brother, and was going to continue making the rest of the family but it was too late and it wouldnt let me move two teenagers into a house on thier own... i wonder why?? anyways i went to make a drink and when i got back i came back to find me and my brother had been moved into a house with a middle aged, tanned man with an afro and a suit called MARMADUKE?? Not only was this disturbing enough but my Sims version of me, yes MY version of me was kissing marmaduke...... ok so they wont let two teenagers move into a house on thier own BUT they will let a middle aged stranger kiss a 17yr old girl.. good thinking. I think not.

haha but thats prolly the most exciting bits of my holidays so far, i'm sure something else has happend but i will tell you about that some other time. ooo i went to cannon hill park
about 4 weeks ago, that was fun and it was a sunny day so it reminded me
of being on holiday. Plus i got to spen the day with marky and
enjoying the weather. But yes, thats about as exciting
as it gets my friends. and i am beggining to run
out of things to say... hehe so on this
short notice i bid you all
farewell for now.

♥ Smoogles ♥