Sunday, August 21, 2005

I'm Back, I'm Back, i'm Back...

Hello blog *waves*

Oh how i missed you soo much. hehe. I had such a lovely time and i found out that spanish people are crazy drivers, very arrogant and if you ask them if they can speak english and they say no they try no effort what so ever to help you they just point somewhere and expect you to follow where there directing you until, you realise your actually walking into the sea. How nice of them. But apart from that it was lovely. They are sneaky people though, they really are. For example if you park you car in a place they do not like, they simply take your car away on a big truck so that you believe it has been pinched. AND they seem to like luring you into there sneaky ways and then capturing you into giving your money away. hehe. A great example of this was demonstrated by my brother.

We spent the day at a theme park and as we walked past the entrance my brother noticed a man holding a cute cuddly lion cub. My brother who loves animals and could not resist in taking a closer look walked over to the lion cub. I said come on we shall go up here, BUT it was too late he had already walked over the the man and taken hold of the lion cub into his arms. So i walked over to him and the man pulled me next to my brother and said ' now i take photo'. SNAP the photo was taken and not only that but after it was taken he hurried back to my brother, snatched the lion cub back and said '15 euros please'. I looked at my brother and his face was in shock. It was just like someone had just jumped behind him and scared him to death. After paying his fee he walked away, mouth wide open, and said ' ok what just happend here?'. At first we felt ashamed about the fact that we had fallen into there plans, but now its just hillarious. But the picture is really nice actually so it didnt turn out to badly.

My holiday also Included a flight which was nearly missed due to serious card playing, lol. And lots of sun sun sun. Oh yes i took your advice and steered clear of the water. :) i didnt really fancy drinking there water as most places you went to on the coast smelt of fish... uck.

Smooglies xXx


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