Saturday, November 27, 2004

My trip to Bristol and obsessive ships.

Today i ventured out to visit the University of West England in Bristol. It was quite fun actually had to sit through alot of presentaions about the course and stuff and then finally went on the tour of the accomadation and around Bristol' s main town. The coach was packed full of people and this old looking woman was handing around leaflets of her little tour, on the way down she was telling us a 'delightful' story about this man called Bruner who apparenlty like to make ships and sail them on the river that runs through Bristol city center, but sure enough this lady rather liked telling us this story and then she became totally obsessed with SHIPS and it was just hillarious the amount of times she said ship in each sentance, in fact she became so obsessed with the ships that she tried to hold back from saying 'ships' and instead she managed to squeeze out 'boat' nown and again, but the temptation for her to say ships was just too tempting and again she started to mention it in every sentance. As we were travelling through the shopping center part of bristol, the old lady would go on telling us the history of Bristol and then she must have been fantasising about ships again, because as she went to tell us about the shopping center she said ' And now we are traveling through the city center where you can visit many ships' hmmmmm of course she quickly corrected herself and then she stopped speaking for a while. (Teehee) But yes it was a fun day. ooo and the other random thing i saw today was the spooked horse that was standing next to the fence and for some strange reason he made me giggle.

Friday, November 26, 2004

The Myth of Yawning

Today during my 'wonderful' Psychology lesson i was feeling rather tierd, this was mainly because it was the afternoon and the college decided to put the heating right up, but anyway we were not doing much in the lesson and i kept yawning and i then became easily distracted by the fact after i had yawned the other people in the class were also yawing a few seconds later as if i was passing on this contagious disease or something. So anyway it made me think 'Do we yawn because of the lack of oxygen in our body?'. So being the sado i am i decided to look it up, as i had nothing better to do, and to my supirse yawning infact has nothing to do with lack of oxygen. Yawning is seen as a soical sign and the yawn may have evolved from a behavior during which animals showed their teeth to indicate that it was time for the pack to settle down for the evening. Hmmmmmmm how very interesting..... So if that be true, was i telling my fellow classmates that it was time for us to settle down and sleep??

My First Blog...

Mwahaha this be my first blog, and so i do not really have alot to say....