Thursday, December 02, 2004

Annoying Survey People

Yesterday was just my typical average day of the week where i would take my trip to college and then stay for a few hours and then return to my humble home. Usually when i get off the bus and enter Redditch i usually have to race the old people off the bus, because although they may look harmless and slow it is all in fact an illusion, they are fast little buggers and they have walking sticks (not good) but anyway after completing that task i then have to dodge the ladies with prams and pushchairs and random nibblets that need to sort themselfs out and finally before reaching college there is the land of annoying survey people. Usually they dont look at me and just let me walk on past without a care in the world, BUT yesterday they decided that i would be the chosen one and so just as i thought i was free i heard a little voice coming towards me.... 'excuse me would u like to....' ahhhhh, i said 'i'm sorry i have to go to college' but then he jumped in front of me and said 'oooo please' and then he held out his arms as though he was about to hug me and at that point i ran, lol dodging his arm i walked past quickly and headed towards college in search of safty. Recently the survey people have become more persistant to gain your attention that they will do anything, who knows how far they will go. I once had one who was talking to me about accidents he had in the past and then chased me to do his survey until i entered the center. So there u have it my story about the annoying survey people!!!!!