Monday, March 28, 2005


Its Easter, Its Easter, Its Easter, It Easter!! so that means that the little bunny will come and leave me eggs everywhere. Mwhahahah but actually thinking about it shouldn't the Chicken be leaving eggs for us rather than the Easter Bunny because chickens lay eggs and bunnys lay.. well nothing. So Maybe the Easter bunny steals the eggs from the Easter chicken and just hands them around to people? How mean!!! That would be like the Easter Chicken Stealing the Bunny's Babies and handing them around to people without any consideration for the bunny's feelings. How twisted is Easter?? oh well i guess its all good in the end. Heres a Question ' Why are Easter eggs made of chocolate??' haha i found the answer i'm good. So anyways not alot has been happening again... ooo Mark took me to Eddy's No 8 to see his Friends Band and they were cool. Erm... thats about it really, mwhahahaha..


Blogger exile said...

"come on kids, grab your baskets and look for the dead bunny fetusus. they're all painted and ready to go. make sure you find them all, we don't want the house to stink."

7:11 PM  

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