Thursday, May 12, 2005

Seems to be a bad week..

This week has been so wierd, its actually bad and just to top it off its friday the 13th tomorrow, great. I mean theres nothing more exciting than being stuck in a lecture for hours on end and then heading towards the end of the week you get to listen to old people at the bus stop complaining how late the bus is when its only a minuite over the time its suposed to arrive. deary me. I dont think that amount of work at college helps either, just makes you wish that the next two months will fly by, but then theres that dreary thought of exams. woo! i think that now is the time do decide how much life sucks, although there are things to be mentioned on a lighter note, like mine and Charlotte' s genius plans to open up a milkshake bar somewhere and sell wierd and wonderful milkshakes that people have never heard of.. that could be fun. But yes apart from that my friends there isnt alot to update you on, just me rambling on a usually about nothing in particular.......


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