Wednesday, March 23, 2005


I have seemed to neglect my blog for a few weeks, sorry blog. Hmm so i shall filll you in on whats happened recently. Good news the vampires are back in Redditch, yey, I it found out when i was sat in the Learning Resources Center (the college's fancy way of saying library) and this girl came and sat on the computer next to me. She kept complaining that her hand hurt, not to me of course, to her friend. I thought nothing of it until there were loads of people gathering round her asking he if she was ok and what had happened, she started telling them and all i heard of it was 'she bit me' 'she bit me' so i just gathered they were back from there holiday weekend at Draculas. I wonder if they had fun. hehe. As well as the Vampires the survey people are back too, however there not as persistant as they used to be. good. While i was at work on Saturday i noticed how many names you get called during the day by the customers. I was serving this one lady and she managed to fit in Sweetheart, darling, love, petal, chick and babe into her order O.o but if you think about it why would you call a complete stranger them names even just one?! but nevermind. As you can see not alot has happened in the past few weeks just the same old stuff but i will attempt to update more often as i feel bad for neglecting my little blog. hehe.


Blogger } Yeti { said...

maybe she was coming on to you ;)

1:06 AM  
Blogger Betty said...

OMG Gareth!! I thought you were an innocent and clean minded person. that comment was clearly sickening... tsk tsk tsk

4:54 AM  
Blogger exile said...

holy crap, a new post!!!!!!

did you tell her that once a gothling bites you, you become one?

enter captian random- when are you going to post a pic of your self. i wanna know what this poor vampire-scared girl saw when she told you her tale of hand bitting woe.

5:30 PM  
Blogger Betty said...

erm... i never really thought of doing that actually, hmm maybe never!! mwhahahahah

3:34 AM  

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